There are few experiences as rich and rewarding as developing a bond with a dog. They are our stalwart companions. It is a brutal reality, though, the discrepancy in our longevity. Losing their presence makes this world a bit dimmer. I recently was approached by a mom of two furry boys who was prompted to... Continue Reading →


Portland Dog Photography | Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue Holiday Photos with Santa

There are few causes I hold important. Of those few, the efforts that go towards helping out dogs are pretty high up there. Therefore when a local rescue reached out to me regarding a holiday "photos with Santa" kind of event, it was an immediate yes. After a lot of planning and test shoots I... Continue Reading →

PNW Bulldog Rescue Event

As those who follow me on social media may have already seen, I was at an adoption event this past Saturday. The Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue (PNWBR) came to Hip Hound for a few hours of meet-and-greet. The rescue brought Roxy and Henry, two of their adoptable pups, but alumni were also there. There were... Continue Reading →


After nearly two solid months without a drop of rain, my mind had slipped into acceptance was that we had entered an endless summer. Sun was now forever. It was as if the Pacific Northwest had crossed into some inverse-Game-of-Thrones reality. Summer had come. It was a lasting season. However, instead of White Walkers threatening... Continue Reading →


I looked up from my fumblings in my camera bag and stared down the beach. For a moment the husky was gone. Then there was a faint whip of white, the tip of a fluffy flag tail sailing jovially down the beach. Kito was a quarter mile away, and had covered that distance in the... Continue Reading →

Boop Gallery

In your face, nose-on-nose. The connection between you and your pup began when you got on their level. The "Boop" Gallery is dedicated to all the wet noses, tongues and furry faces.    

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